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New Ice creams in 2016.

New Ice creams in 2016.

New Ice creams in 2016.


Whichever is your favorite flavor, every year Frikom brings you many new and perfect tastes. Now everyone can find their own favorite ice cream.

For those who are romantic there is Kapri cone - as favorite flavor in the form of cones.

For hedonists there are new King Chocolate Obsession which is perfect combination of chocolate flavor and King Rhapsody an irresistible compound of coconut, white chocolate and almond.

Maximo Karamelo with its seductive compound of chocolate and caramel will delight all those who love rich flavors.

Anyone who loves fruit will enjoy the taste of the new Rumenko Smoothie which is made of two sweetest fruit, strawberry and banana.

Fans of the Olympic sports can enjoy the official ice cream of the Olympic team of Serbia – Olympic Torch.

For the youngest we have made an ice cream Jagodići. Besides the ice cream there is a cartoon about Jagodići family and their adventures.

Plazma, milk and chocolate are the perfect blend that brings us new Plazma stick ice cream.

For the sweetest refreshment it is enough to take Calipso sourcherry.

Star Wars cup is coming from the far galaxy with your favorite characters that delivers phenomenal surprises.

Family ice cream lovers can enjoy irresistible Quattro tastes, Quattro Choco Orange and Quattro Nugattino.

Grandissimo tango with flavor of yellow cream, pineapple, raspberry and almond will fulfill the most sophisticated tastes.

While watching your favorite movie you can enjoy the taste of new Fantasy ice cream – Fantasy Choco Banana.

Which is your favorite flavor? :)