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Vegetables and fruits

Sweet Corn 450g 2500g

Corn was brought by Christopher Columbus from North America to Europe, after the discovery of a new continent. A vegetable culture that was very popular among Indian tribes BC disseminated very quickly on the old continent and won the hearts of many food fans.

Frikom sweet corn is available throughout the year and is very simple to use.

It is unavoidable element in Mexican cuisine and excellent for preparation of spicy dishes like meat and vegetable combinations for tortillas and tacos.

It is a mandatory ingredient of summer refreshing salads and different pastas and it can be a side dish or cream soup. Possibilities are endless, and they depend on your creativity.


  • Boiling 5 min
  • Frying 10 min

Product should be prepared as fresh vegetables without prior thawing. Preparation method: cook for 5 minutes or fry for 10 minutes.