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Vegetables and fruits

Mixed vegetables for russian salad 450g 2500g

It is unthinkable to organize parties, family gatherings and happy children’s birthdays without the main star of the table, Russian salad. To save you from hours and hours of cutting in preparing this famous salad, make it easy for yourself and use finished salad vegetable. Instead of in the kitchen spend time in relaxing before the guests come.

Frikom mixed vegetables for Russian salad includes carrot and potato in cubes as well as peas. This mixture is perfect for preparing different refreshing meals.

In addition to Russian salad the vegetables can be used in preparation of fish salads with different sauces and additions. Bring your creativity into cooking and let your imagination go.


  • Boiling 10 min
  • Frying 15 min

Product should be prepared as fresh vegetables without prior thawing. Preparation method: cook for 10 minutes or fry for 15 minutes.