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More than three decades of
tradition, numerous quality certificates, a strong distribution network
and most importantly, its employees, stand behind Frikom's delicious products.

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Frikom today

Frikom is a market leader in the production and distribution of ice cream and frozen food. Its leader position is maintained by continuous innovation of selection.

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Satisfaction of our customers, consumers and other interested parties – employees, financial institutions, suppliers and community is the goal Frikom d.o.o. accomplishes by year to year operations.

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Quality and environment protection

Frikom controls all raw materials as well as procedures in the production process, in order to meet all expectations of consumers. Quality of products and business processes, as well as permanent improvement of business practice is permanent and strategic goal of Frikom. Quality management department was established for a system approach to management, standardization and improvement of business processes.

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Human resources

“Our employees are considered the most valuable part of our company. They are our constant advantage in the market game and initiators of new achievements!” Ivica Todorić, Concern president

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Distributive force of the Frikom company is comprised of 50.000 cooling devices on the most attractive locations.

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