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Frikom profile

Frikom profile

Frikom is a market leader in the production and distribution of ice cream and frozen food. Its leader position is maintained by continuous innovation of selection.

By providing quality products and services Frikom has set standards in the organization of all elements of business in the area of ice cream and frozen food.

Frikom successfully defends the status of the largest manufacturer and distributor of industrial ice cream and frozen food. Over the last several decades of existence Frikom has developed a recognizable image as well.

With right selection strategy of assortment and by following leading world trends Frikom listens to the request from the market, while, through innovative solutions, offer of top quality and careful building of its brands enters the homes of satisfied consumers daily.

Product selection of Frikom is aimed at a wide circle of consumers, which can be seen in the fact that in addition to a wide selection of ice cream it offers frozen vegetables, frozen pastry and fish. Due to different affinity of consumers Frikom continuously changes its selection in order to please the desires of all consumers, even the most demanding ones.

With the goal to become a powerful regional company in the production and sales of ice cream and other frozen products, Frikom permanently expands its selection and modifies it to the new requests of the market and different desires of the consumers. With enrichment and expansion of the domestic market, sales organization abroad is expanded as well.


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