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Employee development

Human resources

Employee development

Employee development

“Our employees are considered the most valuable part of our company. They are our constant advantage in the market game and initiators of new achievements!” Ivica Todorić, Concern president

Employee development

Every successful company, and Frikom is one of them, has a goal of constant improvement and development of business. We have recognized that for the achievement of this goal we need an excellent team and in order to create this team, we work on development of our employees daily.

Improvement of employees is achieved though individual as well as group activities – education and team building. The most frequent forms of education are trainings, seminars, courses, professional trainings, fairs, and schooling and similar, while on the other hand, team buildings, celebrations and get-togethers, sports activities are not missed at all.

Recognizing the necessity for the development of employees is a mutual task of human resource department, and employees themselves, whose interests, initiatives, proposals and ideas are treated as indispensable part of the entire system of business and people improvement.

During planning, realization and analysis of activities effect contributing to the development of our employees we try to respond to different challenges that are included in the complex and large system of Frikom, simultaneously using in the best way all opportunities and advantages provided by the same complex and large system.

Talent Pool Management

Aware of our potential, we execute Talent Pool Management project with the purpose of recognizing young people with potential for achieving top results. Based on interviews with talents and mutually recognized potential and needs, different types of programs are created and executed in developing these employees. We are glad to see high motivation and desire to succeed in talking to our young employees. During this and the following years we will continue to envisage and achieve development path of our talents, which is the development of the entire company at the same time.

Mentoring system

For years, Frikom cherish practice of employing talented young people without work experience. We provide young people the opportunity to demonstrate through an internship own initiative, knowledge and expertise acquired during education, as well as willingness to continue to learn and develop. During the training period, the young colleagues have all the necessary help and support from a mentor, who makes the program their training, helping, monitoring and evaluate their work. If you want to be
part of our team, please leave us your CV in the Employment section!