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Integrated management system

Quality and environment protection

Integrated management system

Integrated management system

Frikom controls all raw materials as well as procedures in the production process, in order to meet all expectations of consumers. Quality of products and business processes, as well as permanent improvement of business practice is permanent and strategic goal of Frikom. Quality management department was established for a system approach to management, standardization and improvement of business processes.

Frikom has, from its beginning, paid so much attention to quality and safety of its products, in order to meet the needs of its customers and consumers providing quality and safe product. The implementation of safety management standard and quality of products started in 70-ies by initiating the cooperation with multi-national company Unilever. The significant was put on monitoring quality and securing safety of the product – from the field to the table, with the establishment of traceability and adequate record keeping. Today Frikom has an integrated management system certified per requirements of international quality management standards (ISO 9001:2008), food safety management (ISO 22 000:2005), environment protection management (ISO 14001:2004), health protection and safety at work management (BS OHSAS 18 001:2007) as well as requirements of Global G.A.P. standard, international standard of sustainable primary production.

Compliance with regulations

Frikom d.o.o. is categorized as a company, approved as export object for ice cream trade and frozen desserts on the markets outside EU and USA, under the veterinary control number 73. With its activities and results in the area of quality management, food safety, environment protection and health protection and safety at work, Frikom constantly proves its capability of meeting the requirements of legal regulations of Serbian, regional market, and soon EU market, by establishing significant operations.

Universal approach to environment protection

In its operations Frikom d.o.o. invests significant effort in environment protection and meeting all acts of serbian, regional and European legal regulations. Frikom d.o.o. has established an environment protection management system to contribute to healthier living through healthy environment and healthy business. Responsibility towards the environment is executed by the application of principles of sustainable development and clean production.

Universal approach of the company to the environment protection represents the usage of best sources of energy and raw materials, effective waste management as well as constant prevention of negative influence to the environment, from the production and products and services of the organization.


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