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Back to the '80s

Back to the '80s

Back to the '80s

The childhood of those that grew up in the eighties was marked by famous ice creams that became true legends: Leni, Tiger, Cmok, Sneško, Čoko Moko, Rum koktel and Šarenko.

These ice creams have won our hearts, brought memories and moments that we remember dearly for full 40 years.

With immense help from Braća Burazeri, your favorite ice creams have a retro package. Through design created by Braća Burazeri we revived the dearest characters like Leni, Sarenko, Sneško and others that marked the spirit of the eighties on ice cream wraps.

With the new design named “generation of the ‘80s” we returned to childhood and careless times and used the drawings to recall the spirit of good old days, as a new start and introduction to joy, memories, love and pleasure. Traditional Frikom ice creams are a perfect way and great opportunity to introduce to the youngest the time they never tasted, and here is what Braća Burazeri have to say about the design and task put in front of them:

We were both born in the eighties (’80 and ’83) and we remember this period through photos and stories of the good and peaceful time. The original ice cream wraps we were hired to redesign were just like that. In general, this period of design and aesthetics of the eighties, that leans on the previous seventies and sixties, has always inspired us and on this language, with graffities and street art we formed our graphical expression and style that makes us recognizable. To get an assignment to improve the current design of the package by redesigning the original, that is, making a classic contemporary, was a great honor and challenge because we had to, at the same time, hit the generation of our parents, our generation, but new ones as well, that perhaps never knew of this package. We hope that all will enjoy these ice creams and their new wraps as much as we did working on them.

Frikom created a multipack with 6 traditional ice creams just for your complete pleasure: Šarenko, Rum koktel, Cmok, Čoko Moko, Leni and Sneško.