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Grandissimo - the art of ice cream

Grandissimo - the art of ice cream

Grandissimo - the art of ice cream

Artists are special people, they have the power to turn ordinary into extraordinary and to discover the beauty in things that surround them. It takes a lot of effort, dedication and genius of the artist to make a masterpiece… But once it is made, it provides a unique experience for every one of us.

With the desire of creating this special feeling, we have created a new designed package of Grandissimo ice cream inspired by masterpieces from globally renowned artists: Gustav Klimt and Georges-Pierre Seurat.

Painting “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is on the package of Grandissimo Biscuit and Chocolate-Hazelnut and Grandissimo Stracciatella and Forest Fruit is inspired by “A Sunday on la Grande Jatte” painted by Georges-Pierre Seurat.

Top quality and improved recipe of the ice cream match perfectly with the new specially designed package, creating a unique feeling of enjoying the ice cream all together.

Paintings that inspired us have priceless value in their significance and beauty. “The Kiss” is the most famous painting by Klimt and modern art icon. It is believed that this painting describes the romantic relationship between the painter and the woman he loved. It was made during his “golden” phase. It is considered one of the most popular paintings in the world, and today, it is exhibited in the Austrian Gallery of the Belvedere Castle in Vienna.

Georges-Pierre Seurat spent two years painting “A Sunday on la Grande Jatte” and the story goes that he spent hours in the park sketching visitors to catch a perfect form and light. Many critics consider it one of the most significant paintings of the 19th century from the post-impressionism period.

Inspired by the genius of these masters, we wanted to create a special ice cream – simply, art in the ice cream. Grandissimo ice creams with give special moments of pleasure to all art fans and to those that look at the world with different eyes.