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Moja kravica sladolend

Moja kravica sladolend

Moja kravica sladolend

Download the app, have fun and win gifts!

The app Moja kravica sladolend is a combination of a memory game and a thumbnail album. When you type the code from the inside of the wrapping paper of Moja kravica Ice Cream, thumbnails with the buildings open which you need to position in the right place within Moja kravica Sladolend.

This app also provides you with valuable gifts:

- for 5 assembled blocks, half of the city, you get a t-shirt as a gift

- for completely assembled Moja kravica Sladolend, you get a box of ice cream as a gift

You can win gifts in the period from 15.05.2020. until 15.07.2020.

You can download the app Moja kravica Sladolend free of charge: 


To see the complete Moja kravica Sladolend in Augmented Reality, download the map here

Look for Moja kravica ice cream in Frikom refrigerator and play!

See the rules of Moja kravica Sladolend app